Mine truly hasn’t failed me and my choice to leave behind the fast-paced world of Business and dedicate myself soulfully for the past couple of years towards the field of Education.📚

I allowed myself to seek every layer within which was left with a plethora of questions and unquenchable thirst to understand the thought process and pattern of my students by first allowing them to feel my heart as a Teacher 👩‍🏫

My heart beats with gratitude for the invaluable opportunity I’ve gotten over the past one year. From teaching at a Language School to starting up online classes using my own initiative as I lost my full-time job opportunity due to COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year in March, my path has gotten much light to travel with ease today

“Don’t victimised yourself” is the lesson here. Given any stormy scenario WITH passion, belief and fiery desire to rightly educate, motivate and direct as many young and curious minds to the brighter path, the Educator in me will never sink.

Most importantly I’ve won my students heart and there is NO bigger pay check than this ❤️