Besides the ferociously spreading virus and downfall of a pandemic in recent times there is another issue that desperately called out and shifted the entire world’s attention.

George Floyd yet another heart wrenching loss among the black community deserves all the attention, support and LOVE it has been getting throughout every media channel be it on online and offline platforms.

RACISM or one identified as a RACIST is a sensitive issue where innocent lives are being violated, threatened and taken away without mercy. And it is fair enough for people from all over the world as human beings with pure LOVE in their heart to come together and unite as ONE to stand against something bigger and deadlier than the virus we are battling against today.

As an educator, I take full responsibility to shoulder and educate as many hearts and mind truthfully beyond, that race, skin colour, gender, ethnicity nor cultural differences does not and never will hold the power to define any individual. None of the above will ever determine whether a person is superior to another. Oneness should be cultivate for none of us are above or below anyone.


With LOVE in our hearts, respect in our attitude and acceptance to embrace everyone as ONE we will rise to be and do better among our fellow human tribe.

Beautifully structured here,

Let us fix the thought of oneness in our ❤️,

Take charge and address differences in a subtle manner at 🏠 especially educating our younger ones and instilling the truth and beauty of acceptance within them,

We can do wonders in this beautiful space 🌎 we are breathing and living graciously today.

Let us do better because we can and every LIFE is just as precious as our own. Let ❤️ lead & prevail.