T-R-U-S-T, has its way in our lives and the stories that comes along can be empowering or devastating. Since my younger days, these 5 lettered word has played a crucial role in my life. I have always had my pair of cautious sight in active mode because life events throughout my growing years wasn’t utterly pleasant. Be it with my family (excluding my immediate loved ones) or friends, building trust wasn’t as easy as enjoying a delicious piece of pie personally. Family are those known to us, the familiar faces hence why was it difficult ? You may ask me.

Well, I am now able to put it in words after all those years that I wasn’t given the space with genuine intention to express myself, pre-judgements were clouded about me each time I stood up to share something about myself and the lines were already drawn which wasn’t meant for me, I wanted to explore which I did and looking back I am happy with my choices and how I have cruised through.

My mum used to address me as an Interrogator because I was always curious about people and my observations since childhood has resulted in developing a strong instinct, for good 😊! I enjoyed conversing with my smiley face and never minded sitting beside an outsider mostly elderly people to ask how they arrived at the clinic and if they answered by bus, I would say “Why alone and not by car, where is your children? During these times, this isn’t possible for the moment a child gets near us we do look at their surrounding and assume they are getting closer to us with malicious intention. I was born in the 90s by the way ha-ha!

The primary purpose of mine in writing about Trust is to share the brighter side of it as an Online Teacher. I am teaching students who have never met me in person yet they have opened themselves up to share their vulnerabilities, what upsets them, why they react a certain way, why they prefer one parent over the other, what needs to be changed in this world and what is desperately needed to build connection! YES and I hear these from my middle aged students as well.