Truly, I will give you mine but let us have a look at this Educative Information flow chart on what great LISTENERS do which can guide us to be one.

It is fundamental to be a great listener in today’s rapidly functioning world. Regardless of our field/ industry of work and expertise we are all in need of a keen listening ear and to be one for another at some point in time.

It is equally important in relationships with our loved ones which will save heart aches and headaches as well ha-ha, for a listening ear would be able to comprehend and evaluate situations effectively.

AND the big C- Compassion of course alongside a keen ear has the power to motivate every relationship to thrive.

A gentle reminder here, we need not reach rock bottom to be listened to or reach out to others only when they are in dire need.

Daily conversation is a fantastic way to work on strengthening our listening skill. Being conscious around it is key!

Consumption should lead to creation and by being a better listener, we would be skilled to shape our sophisticated mind to create wonders leading us to discover beyond the walls we might have built within us which will shape quality conversation, valuable, educative debate eventually resulting in graceful understanding that will inspire our surrounding to follow suit over the same approach.

As an educator, especially with preschool and school aged kids being my student I have realized to the deepest depth the importance of being a great listener and I AM thriving to enhance my listening ability without expecting to be a great listener for I will always have space for improvement 🙂

I read an article recently on Medium which had a phrase “Listen to understand and not just to speak” which hit the right spot instantly.  I am not the best at this but my profession, passion to educate minds and connect heart to heart motivates me to the lengthiest extent to ensure I create a safe bubble and environment not just for my students but for my loved ones and this world as a whole.

We need great listeners desperately so don’t keep an eye closed for too long 🙂