Our words, expression, body language and tone are perceived straight forwardly by a child.

When we are angry, they know exactly what is going on. They are quick to sense hence why children are the smartest and sharpest in recognising and feeling (others & their own) emotion.

When they are upset in return, they will walk up to you and say “I don’t like this” or “I am angry 😡 right away, they have nothing to hide, they will breakdown regardless of the environment. Now, how can we help our younger ones to save their fragile heart from aching?

Here is a fantastic example by extraordinary and striving Educators from the other end which is one of the primary reasons, I LOVE my LinkedIn connections for!

This is an effective way where we as Teachers, parents and guardians can help children develop language to communicate their feelings better.

Let us allow every action and word of ours uttered towards children be of compassion and LOVE ❤️ because they deserve to feel that “We Care” for their emotional state and well-being. These acts need to be shown as they learn by sight.

✨ Do not worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you ~ Robert Fulghum ✨