Private Online English Speaking Beginner Level Classes

English Speaking Classes For Kids

“Empower your child to effectively learn the English language. All it takes is the right guidance and guided practice for your child to start speaking English both confidently and fluently.”

Why Choose To Study With Teacher Tanu?

My online English-speaking lessons for beginners are curated by understanding student’s preferred learning styles. I will assist beginner-level students to expand their vocabulary knowledge, build confidence and improve language understanding to speak English fluently.

I am a passionate Educator and an online English language teacher. I specialize in teaching one on one, customized English-speaking lessons for beginners to help them speak the language with accurate fluency, in-depth understanding of grammar and vocabulary usage and continuously support students’ progress in their educational journey.

Teaching Specialities

As a teacher, I strive towards enhancing students’ emotional intelligence. Passion as an educator, flexibility with student’s learning pace and understanding, compassion towards every learner, patience which is crucial to embrace and accept students, and commitment to help students grow and succeed in speaking English language fluently are my specialties concerning the gentle humans and hearts I will be interacting within my online class.
Age Group ( 7 – 11 years old & above )

The beginner-level student will learn to ask and respond to questions in the English language.

Classes come in a package of ten (10). The student is advised to study twice a week to experience steady progress concerning language understanding and fluency.
The online class duration is for one (1) hour.

The Lesson plan will be emailed to students/parents or caregivers an hour before class.

Understanding Learner’s Learning Process

Preferred Learning Style

It is crucial to observe and understand every learner’s Preferred Learning Style comprising 3 categories (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic).


Creating a safe and positive learning space

As a language teacher, I thrive daily to ensure learners experience a positive, safe, and comfortable online learning journey with me.


Feeding Curiosity

Children are always curious and fascinated with everything that revolves around them. I believe in embracing and educating the heart not just the mind.


Raheel Ahmedf. ci
Raheel Ahmedf. ci
Dear Teacher, Hope u r doing well, just wanted to say thank you for all the efforts, from day one Suleman enjoyed each and every class of yours. I really appreciate the way in which you helped him☺️I also thank you for encouraging him to participate in the class. Wish u all the best. With kind regards, Mahpara wali
Barathkumaar Ravikumaar
Barathkumaar Ravikumaar
I worked together with Tanusha to develop and integrate her own professional website “teachertanu.com”. Tanusha worked on it as the Content Writer and I looked into the development end. She has good transferrable, human skills,and is a dedicated learner. Her curiosity gave me plenty of space to share my knowledge and above all she is a wonderful team player. Her fluency with English language, admirable passion and love for teaching and outstanding spoken and written skills has every potential to add great value and weight to any team and organisation. I experienced a pleasant time working with her and I’d highly recommend Tanusha’s profile.
Digital Vimal
Digital Vimal
I worked together with Tanusha on a website development project for a New Zealand based Restaurant. Tanusha shouldered the role as the Content Writer. She is meticulous, organised and brilliant with her work. She is interested to learn and constantly asked me questions to help her write creatively according to the clients requirement and was keen to learn from my experience as a Website developer. If you’re looking for a creative Content Writer, Tanusha’s profile is highly recommended from my end. All the best!
I met teacher in Malaysia, and continue study with her even after coming back to Korea. I am leaning to speak and read English lesson online. So now I can speak with foreigner. I am so happy to meet my clever and pretty teacher Tanu, Thank you i love you I am lucky to meet you
Parimala Ramaligam -
Parimala Ramaligam -
Teacher Tanu is a competent and qualified English teacher. Every lesson with her was helpful and inspiring for my son.Now my son is able to understand phonics and pronounce every alphabets sound. Before starting lessons with Teacher Tanu, he didn’t know anything about writing, but after 2 months of studying, he has improved much quicker to write than I ever expected. I would strongly recommend Teacher Tanu for anyone who needs classes for their young learners to start their early education studies.
Umesh Raaj
Umesh Raaj
Tanusha is a very professional and well versed English teacher. I found the professional course very helpful to polish my language and improve my vocabulary. Highly recommended.

From Teacher Tanu

Enhance Your Learning Experience Online

Learners seek acceptance, understanding, and trustworthy connection with teachers. This isn’t impossible to genuinely offer because I firmly believe that teaching is a two-way path and there is always something for me to learn. The learning obtained drives me to be an innovative teacher.

Beginner Level English Speaking Class

USD 25/ Student

Duration : 1 Hour


Not just looking for your child?

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