E-Learning also referred to as Online learning are learning conducted via media on the Internet. If there is a time this term is used often it is right now during this pandemic era! We hear this all day long from friends and family even an unknown person on social media with regards to education involving various different courses where schools and tertiary systems are completely functioning online. We get to learn from the comfort of our own space regardless of where we are as shared from the quote above, technology is indeed the best in connecting and bringing people together 🌐.

To those of you who are new to my website, I am an online English Language Teacher based in Malaysia who quickly ventured into the world of E-Learning with my own initiative when I lost a promising job opportunity in the field of Education just days before my country went into its first NATIONWIDE LOCKDOWN last year. I wasn’t a newbie to the Social World nor to the Art of Teaching. I have been teaching English Language since my teenage years. It was an amazing opportunity introduced to me by my mother who is well versed with the left, right and center of creating and running a startup business. In fact, she was always passionate with Teaching.

A couple months after the lockdown, I went on to secure my first student who is a second language speaker from South Korea and my dear one who is a working professional Marketer and truly passionate within the field of Digital Marketing gifted me this website with a name I am fondly known as today “TeacherTanu”.com and laid a plan with a 14 year old brilliant website developer in India to work with me in completing and fully furnishing my website with relevant content and creatives right up to strategizing on the advertising end to introduce myself and services in the digital world. I am grateful for the unabated support and love which I have received and are continuously receiving from my loved ones.

With the longing desire to share my knowledge and passion for English Language and teaching as well as interacting with younger minds, I found myself walking on this path which I joyfully look forward to travelling every single day. I am not earning an exaggerated amount of money but the satisfaction I have within myself after every class which I conduct online and the “I LOVE you Teacher” and virtual hugs ❤ which I receive from my students are my biggest paycheck worth millions and it assures me that I am paying forward in the best possible way during this very challenging period of time.

When the unknown becomes known the experience in itself cannot be expressed in words. Meeting people who are keen to learn the language for their own understanding and to witness children expressing their sweet thoughts equally, jumping with joy to express themselves even though I am a foreigner to them is definitely rewarding. Those are the positive views towards what I do yet it does come with challenges as to convincing my audience that they will have a delightful learning experience with me and the services and time offered from my end is worth the fees charged, right up to working on creating new content and still striving to see what I can and should bring to the table to earn an income by staying within the four walls of my home for survival, I am learning to persevere throughout as my resilience is being tested to a greater extent.

I am grateful for the opportunity I am able to create for myself and to learn the beauty of technology which holds the ultimate power in connecting people worldwide. The inspiring, success stories during the lockdown which I have crossed paths with over the past few months is the only assurance that I will surely enjoy the sweet taste of my labor and emerge as a better person when the world recovers tomorrow. Our effort and time invested today and the action taken is what matters primarily!

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” John Keats

In conclusion to my experience thus far, this is for parents who are still thinking twice to explore E-Learning platform for your children, the only way there is, is to test the waters by coming forward. I am happy to offer you an opportunity to experience a FREE 30mins Trial Class with me 😊 Click this link today https://teachertanu.swipepages.page/free-trial-class, fill in your details and I look forward to seeing you on the virtual space soon!

With delight,