The better way to learn and educate another life is to direct on where to look at but not what should be seen and that is exactly when the true power and potential of Education can be experienced to its brimming scope. 

~ Tanusha Shakti

About ME

Teaching People of All Ages is Eye – Opening!


I am enthusiastically passionate in Teaching English Language


I am devoted to being the change in the field of Education


Teaching has allowed me to seek my purpose and I’m driven to provide quality education to every student


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Teaching Qualifications

My Experience and Focus

Educate Active Listening

This is a skill, a much-needed one to create a genuine two-way communication, and my purpose with “Teacher Tanu” is to enhance and ensure you master this skill regardless of your age and language proficiency. Besides, for higher-level students, I consciously practice active listening with children as well.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

My lesson plan does not compromise piles of worksheets as I strive in cultivating Emotional Intelligence within my students. Class discussions are where I share the importance of;

  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Recognizing feelings
  • Owning emotions
  • Expressing compassion and kindness
  • Building confidence and mental strength

Improve Language Fluency

  • Pronunciation and recognizing variation in Intonation
  • Structural reading on where to pause and reflect to create deeper understanding. My demeanor as an individual and passion for teaching allows students to not feel like the world is weighing them down when mistakes are made. We learn better when an error is corrected in a proper way to enhance the overall learning experience