Learn 5 Ways For You to Be a More Positive Person

P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-I-T-Y!  I know it is a long, and intense word. Have you ever let your heart out to a person? By sharing everything that has been going on in your life, the frustrations, curveballs and the lemons which you do not know what to do with? And after letting it out, you get a feedback cum advice which goes “You have to learn to be and look at the positive side of life” PERIOD.

I know how that feels. As though, that advice is not enough to satisfy and soothe your soul. In that moment, listen, take a few minutes and extract the essence of that advice. Almost 99.9% the word positive is all, and more than enough for you to hear. In every situation, if you decide and firmly switch to a positive mindset, absolutely nothing will break you unless you give your power over. Here are 5 nuggets of wisdom which has helped me stay positive throughout the facets of adversity, and I hope it’ll be helpful for you.

1.Be Mindful of Your Words

Replace Negative with Positive words.

“I am suffering, I’m in pain, this is too heavy on me, this is atrocious, argh, I have had enough, what on earth, bloody hell, and etc” (All those words which we’d utter in the state of anger, frustration, despair and angst).

I will not deny what each of us go through in such state. It is too much to handle but by uttering those words which will only elevate its negative effects within us is just not the SOLUTION. It can be a challenge to remain calm, and composed but that is exactly what we need to do. Be it catching our breath, counting to 10 or just leaving the space to take a walk by ourselves, we must do it.

Here are some positive words which we can use in challenging situations/times – “It’s going to be alright, I’ll hold on for now, I can overcome anything, I got this, let me take some time out for myself, I trust this journey of mine, I will make myself feel good, I’ll be patient, and tackle this slowly”.

Certain situations will solely be focused on you, and when it is YOU vs YOU, choose to be gentle with yourself. Learn to trust, and set your mind to grow through everything you go through.

2. Exercise | Be Consistent

Focus on your breathing pattern, Go on walks.

Exercise has numerous physical, emotional, and mental benefits. I am definitely not the first one to emphasize on this golden action word, but I have experienced its benefits over, and over again and there was a time in my journey which I am healing myself from right up till today, and by moving my body, and exercising I have found my second chance to live healthily. I will do anything to give it my 100% for I don’t want to take anymore chances.

On the days where, I have gone out on longer walks, a run, or through bodyweight exercises at home I will always, and instantly feel the best.

I would eat good, and have healthy selection of food, planned my meals in order, more excited to write, and look forward to spending my day with my loved one, and surrounding with exuberance. Absolutely, nothing negative will get at me, it’s as though I am the sole happy person on earth lol! Hey, but it’s true.

There is so much that you can do to uplift your mood in seconds, and exercise definitely sits at the top of the list.

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3. Practice Positive Self Talks 

Faith over Fear is my mantra.Fear was never present in my dictionary. I was not scared of anything, maybe ghost stories lol because I like things being bright, colourful, and vibrant so ghost stories were not my genre. But, on a serious note I was always marching forward. I would put myself in situations that would challenge me everyday until it concerned, and costed my health, and well-being.

The lockdown was a disaster for almost everyone, and I was not an exception. Being in a committed long-distance relationship, never having seen my now husband before, left with no job, monthly income, and cooped within 4 walls. I could have amended things, but I just lost it and the price I paid was my well-being. *I’ll talk about the details another time.

In order to revive myself, I practiced self-talks which started positively and ended in the same way. I would dodge absolutely anything that was negative. I wanted to move overseas, get married to my husband, create career opportunities, and make friends. Safe, and happy to say I have done, and I’m doing all of the said. It was not easy, nothing is but if you decide to make it easier for you, then the word impossible should be eradicated from this world.

The power to achieve your dreams, and desires is in your hand. Have faith, do the work, do not hurt anyone or yourself in the journey, focus on your goal, and most importantly acknowledge and celebrate yourself every day for there is meaning to your existence today.  

4. X Compare, Comparing, Comparison

This is Your Poison, do not Consume it.

10 of our fingers aren’t the same so why is there the need to compare? Nothing good emerges out of comparison.

Time determines when we should get to a certain place, or reach a certain point. We have the power to speed the process, and it is called effort. Maximum effort = quicker, and consistent results. The point is to not give up. So, our journeys, choices, likes, and dislikes may differ from each other hence the best attitude would be to accept the differences, learn a thing or two from it, and if you choose not to accept, and embrace, gracefully walk yourself away from it.

Appreciate where you are right now,

Appreciate your good health,

Appreciate everything that you have in your life, most importantly your loved one who wants and wishes only the best for you,

Each one of us will shine when our time comes, we grow at our own pace so do not compare your pace with another. Instead, accept your whole self, and strive for your time to come sooner. Effort is powerful!

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5. Take an hour off Social Media in the A.M.

Goodbye, Morning Insta Scrolls.

Ok, now what does this have to do with becoming a more positive person? Well, it discourages you from practicing point number #4 and helps you divert your attention towards investing your energy wisely.

This is work in progress for me, but I do practice this consciously 100%. Insta scrolls in the morning gives me a headache. I have a private profile, and I’m selective about the accounts I follow yet just scrolling through it in the morning makes me sluggish, and I began to realise that I would not look forward to my day, and the activities planned. I work using my own initiative, in layman terms “I am my own boss” hence it does not help. It is addictive – big YES so, avoiding it upon rising in the morning helps me focus on the fundamental tasks first-hand.

Think of – Going for a brisk walk, a light jog, have a cleansing spiced tea beverage while watching educative content or allocate the “a.m.’s” for spiritual teachings. I am doing this, and I must acknowledge the benefits I am enjoying from this practice.

Complete your morning routines, and responsibilities first which demands most of your energy, and effort, and you’ll thank yourself for the rest of your day 😊

I hope this blog, and the information shared here is what you have been looking for. These 5 effective ways has, and is helping me understand the word positive best, and I am growing on a daily to be a more positive person in my journey, and I wish you the best.😊