The excitement rush felt within when you watch your efforts coming to fruition truly calls for a celebration. Practising to speak in English is fun and it is truly a rewarding experience given the world’s Universal Language is widely used, it will be beneficial for you to learn as a second language speaker. 

English is not my native language yet it is my dominant language today which I’m  comfortable with around the 4 core skills; 

  • Speaking 
  • Listening 
  • Reading 
  • Writing 

Exploring and mastering the world’s Universal language is the reason behind my profession and passion to serve the world as an Educator. 

Let me share 10 effective tips which I have experienced, applied and passed down to my students on how you can improve your spoken English within a day. 

That is right 1-day 😉 Scroll up, absorb and apply the information shared below. 


1.Listen 👂 

  • Be it English songs, news, Television shows or series block time on your schedule and fully get involved and observe the words being used including pronunciation. Imitate the words and have fun. There is nothing to stress 😉

2. Learn new words everyday 

  • Expand your vocabulary by learning a new word everyday. We come across too many things in a day and recognising a word in English to learn is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Within 365 days, you would have learned 365 words, make that your goal 😉

3.Pick an English story BOOK 📖 and Read

  • Allocate an hour for reading, place yourself at a quiet place and read aloud. Reading aloud will allow you to practice the sound of each word. If you aren’t sure of the pronunciation, you can browse the word online or make a note and check with your language Teacher. 

4.Movie time 🍿 

5.Keep a Diary for English  📝 

  • As you come across English words on television, advertisements online or whilst listening to songs you might want to make notes of the new vocabulary, find its definition and write it down to practice. 

6.Practice with a friend who speaks English fluently 👫

  • Go far together instead of hitting the walls because you are bored of practicing all by yourself, ask a friend of yours who speaks fluent English to practice speaking with you. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, practise does make perfect. You just got to have fun along the way. 

7.Make Dictionary your best friend 📚 

  • That is right, in today’s smartphone rich and advanced world you will find a dictionary at your fingertip. Best part of online dictionary is, you will be able to listen👂to the pronunciation as well. 

8.Think in English 🧠 

  • It will be easier if you start thinking in the language you intend to learn. Do not translate a sentence directly from your native language to English. The language structure and grammar is different hence start thinking in English and form short sentences as you are starting initially. 

9. Record your practice 🤗

  • Record during your reading time. This will allow you to listen to your pronunciation and intonation. The initial day’s recordings will be helpful to measure your progress overtime.

10. Embrace Positivity 😉

  • Learning a new language is a challenge yet it is possible to master a foreign language if you remain positive and do not give up on your mission. Change IMPOSSIBLE to I’M – POSSIBLE and you will be able to see yourself progressing better.